Week 3: keto experiment

So…I’m gaining. That is a good sign. It’s slow but I’m no longer losing weight. So progress!!

My husband on the other hand is down about 12 lbs. It seems so much easier for him to stick to his goals with me being the one to mainly be in control of food. I hope it continues to make things easier on him and he can be successful this year and reach his goals.

Ok so another week has gone by with no exercise besides my weekly walk with a friend. It’s a good walk, but I want to start my body weight fitness.

So I’m committing to all of you. I will do it tomorrow and Thursday and Saturday. So 3x by next blog post. We will see how it goes fingers crossed and more importantly. I will take action. It’s happening.

Food is going well for me. If you’re following on Instagram @balancingmybipolar or Facebook or Twitter. I have had many amazing recipes.

One of my favorites was the stuffed mini peppers. The sweet peppers with the creamy cheesy bacon was a delicious combo I ate 3 times. Yum.

Here’s to more recipes this week and clearing out my full fridge :D.

Week 2: ketogenic diet

I didn’t get a scale picture today. Maybe next week. I think I’m back down around 114. Maybe my clothes helped me last week. Hehe.

So this week has gone soo well. I have been killing my calorie goals and macros. Keeping carbs around 60-80 gross. It’s hard to tell fiber with the app I’m in without paying premium which I’m not doing for now. I’m sure I could figure it out but honestly I’m not too worried.

I feel awesome. I didn’t experience any keto flu this time and haven’t been having muscle cramps or anything from imbalanced electrolytes. It’s been so easy to eat this way. I cook dinner, have leftovers the next day for lunch, an easy smoothie for breakfast and then cook something new again for dinner.

I love variety in my diet so it’s fun to try a new recipe each day. I don’t know when I will start repeating. Maybe some day or by request from my husband.

Tomorrow he wants me to make him kimchi stew. He loves it but it’s not my favorite so I will do that for his lunch and eat my leftover soup which there is really only enough for one anyway so that works out.

Tomorrow I plan on making these amazing biscuits and eggs for dinner. They are always a winner and pretty easy. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @balancingmybipolar to get that recipe and many more.

I’m liking this experiment so far!

Week 1: experimental ketogenic diet

Alright so it’s been one week. I have dropped water weight which is always a good sign that ketosis is taking place. I went down from 118 to 114.4. I’m back up now to 116.2.

As you can see in the picture. That is encouraging to me and I will keep trying to up my calories. The goal is at least 2000 calories and more when I’m working out. Probably around 2250. It is just so hard for me to eat that much.

I know that is insane for the majority of people and so hard to understand. I have a very strong fullness trigger. So much so that if I barely overeat I want to throw up and get sick. Not pleasant so I have learned to avoid getting there and it has kept me at a healthy weight. The problem comes when I want to be stronger and hold more muscle I have to work my butt off.

So I will be starting Fitloop Bodyweight fitness routine. As soon as I’m feeling well enough. Hopefully this week or next. I will also up my calories.

I have enjoyed some new recipes this week. You can find most of them on Instagram as I post there daily at @balancingmybipolar. I also post my macros for the day.

It worked well to do meals for my hubby and just like the first time I tried keto before my last pregnancy it was much easier than I thought it would be. I have cooked for my husband for so many years that it isn’t too bad. My biggest problem is like with anything finding something that sounds good.