Week 3: keto experiment

So…I’m gaining. That is a good sign. It’s slow but I’m no longer losing weight. So progress!!

My husband on the other hand is down about 12 lbs. It seems so much easier for him to stick to his goals with me being the one to mainly be in control of food. I hope it continues to make things easier on him and he can be successful this year and reach his goals.

Ok so another week has gone by with no exercise besides my weekly walk with a friend. It’s a good walk, but I want to start my body weight fitness.

So I’m committing to all of you. I will do it tomorrow and Thursday and Saturday. So 3x by next blog post. We will see how it goes fingers crossed and more importantly. I will take action. It’s happening.

Food is going well for me. If you’re following on Instagram @balancingmybipolar or Facebook or Twitter. I have had many amazing recipes.

One of my favorites was the stuffed mini peppers. The sweet peppers with the creamy cheesy bacon was a delicious combo I ate 3 times. Yum.

Here’s to more recipes this week and clearing out my full fridge :D.


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