Week 2: ketogenic diet

I didn’t get a scale picture today. Maybe next week. I think I’m back down around 114. Maybe my clothes helped me last week. Hehe.

So this week has gone soo well. I have been killing my calorie goals and macros. Keeping carbs around 60-80 gross. It’s hard to tell fiber with the app I’m in without paying premium which I’m not doing for now. I’m sure I could figure it out but honestly I’m not too worried.

I feel awesome. I didn’t experience any keto flu this time and haven’t been having muscle cramps or anything from imbalanced electrolytes. It’s been so easy to eat this way. I cook dinner, have leftovers the next day for lunch, an easy smoothie for breakfast and then cook something new again for dinner.

I love variety in my diet so it’s fun to try a new recipe each day. I don’t know when I will start repeating. Maybe some day or by request from my husband.

Tomorrow he wants me to make him kimchi stew. He loves it but it’s not my favorite so I will do that for his lunch and eat my leftover soup which there is really only enough for one anyway so that works out.

Tomorrow I plan on making these amazing biscuits and eggs for dinner. They are always a winner and pretty easy. Be sure to follow me on Instagram @balancingmybipolar to get that recipe and many more.

I’m liking this experiment so far!


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