Exciting new eats

Breakfast tomorrow!

Special thanks to diet doctor for the recipe.

So excited to start #keto with my hubby again tomorrow. He really struggles with overeating, I have the opposite problem normally. I am hoping that by me cooking and serving him food that he can destress and not think about it and focus on other things and finally have some more success.
For me I’m going to be a human guinea pig and document my journey daily/weekly with what I’m eating and measurements etc. 😜😲 I want to see how it affects my #bipolar especially the hypomania. Since that is where I’m at.

I also want to try to gain on it and just see how I feel.

I recently found out I have a lactose sensitivity so that should help a lot with staying away from milk.

I will not by strictly on keto. I’m still nursing so until that’s over I need to keep my carbs around 50 net instead of 20. So I will snack to get the difference above my hubby.

Also his calories will be around 1750. Mine 2200+ haha. We will see if I can bulk and he can shrink 😉 Pics to come tomorrow after weigh in ;).

#keto #newdiet #bipolardepression #bipolarawareness #ketoandmentalillness #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #balancingyourbipolar #balancingmybipolar #ketogains #ketolosses


3 thoughts on “Exciting new eats

  1. Loved your book👍🏻Now following you to try and find ways to support my son recently diagnosed bipolar and the balancing act of his new normal!? Just a mom trying to understand and be there for him

    Thank you💕

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